The troubled times we are living have proved that one of the most difficult things we encounter nowadays is debt collection. There are companies who are deliberately established just for a few months, there are companies without any assets whatsoever. There are companies who issue cheques without money coverage and in most cases we do not or we cannot take legal action against those who break the law. All these unfold on the background of legal institutes' passivity and of loose legislation.

Most of the times we give up taking legal action against bad payers because of the big taxes we must pay and of the expensive legal executors who ask us, the creditors, to track down the debtor's accounts and assets. Thus, the creditor has little legal protection, whereas the debtors live in legal "comfort".

What we want to achieve, using legal methods only, is to convince the debtor that it is better to solve a debt problem in a friendly way, in a shorter period of time and without coming to regret not getting to an understanding with us. If this is not possible, our lawyers will take over the case and institute proceedings against the debtor.

What we do is in the client's benefit only. We shall take all possible legal ways to mediate any financial problem, based on a NO COLLECT - NO FEE COMMISION   rule.

We are a young and ambitious group of professionals who have met with great success so far. Our team members are all law graduates, lawyers or law councilors, ready to serve your needs any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


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